Six Sentence Sunday #6

19 Aug

Just like last week, I thought it fitting to share a bit more spice… This is also taken from “Kissed By A Rose” and I call this snippet “Coffee can be sexy too” 🙂

    She took a sip of her coffee, savouring the aroma along with its mellow, slight nutty flavour. “Wow. That was incredible.”
    “You liked it then?”
    “Mmm hmm.” She cradled the tiny cup in both hands, enjoying the lingering warmth that spread through her hands. “It’s so hard to find decent coffee in the city.”

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Six Sentence Sunday #5

12 Aug

Time to add a bit of heat to my sixes. Can’t call it erotic romance without some eroticism, so this six will hopefully give you a taste. It’s from my WIP “Kissed By A Rose”

    Her eyes were immediately drawn to the firm clench of a young man’s naked bum as it moved back and forth, between an older woman’s legs. Beside the fucking couple was another woman, also middle aged, who lay naked on the couch with her eyes closed. Between her thighs was another buff young man, working magic with his tongue.
    Candice stood frozen, unable to tear her eyes from the scene of glorious abandon before her. The first woman let out a deep moan as the thrusting man’s pace quickened. The throaty sound sent a thrill down Candice’s spine, starting a pleasant warmth between her legs that soon spread throughout her entire body.

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A Little Pampering

10 Aug

Took some time today to relax and recharge, an important thing to do from time to time especially when my day is typically spent sitting in a room by myself with only my characters to keep me company.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the crazy people I share my mind with (and I hope one day that other people will love them too), but every now and then it’s good to be around real people too.

So, after treating myself to a manicure and a French polish, I met “the girls” for lunch. A lovely moussaka, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, and a couple of hours catching up on what’s been happening in their lives and in the world.

How hot are the bodies on those Olympians?

It’s just so good to have friends that you can spend time with, share thoughts, vent, and just dream with. Everyone, no matter who they are, needs a support network and I am thankful for mine.

You guys rock.

Six Sentence Sunday #4

5 Aug

This week carried a lot of distractions and not that much writing. How did I ever cope with having a full time job? Hopefully now that “the madness” is over I can return to some kind of routine… I am beginning to feel some writer’s withdrawal 🙂

I’m sharing another six sentences from “Kissed By A Rose” today. In this scene Candice is doing a stint in Guest Services, answering room service calls and the like when she receives a rather urgent call from Mr Anderson in room 705 who found himself in a bit of a pickle.

“I seem to have gotten myself stuck in the… well I’m just stuck you see.”
“Oh dear,” she said, hoping she’d managed to disguise any amusement in her voice. “I’ll have housekeeping come-”
“No!” the man said, cutting her off. “This is embarrassing enough without getting anyone else involved. Couldn’t you please handle this personally?”

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Six Sentence Sunday #3

29 Jul

Thanks for stopping by to share my Six Sentences. I am continuing to post from my current WIP “Kissed By A Rose.” This scene takes place just after Kendra, Candice’s supervisor, confronts Candice with one of the special services that The Rose offers its guests.

The first line belongs to Candice after the “demonstration” is over.

“Why did you show me that?”
“You seemed to enjoy it.”
“That’s not the point. We had no business being in there.” She pointed at the door. “We just walked into someone’s room unannounced; a huge no-no in any hotel I’ve worked at.”

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How long between drinks?

24 Jul

As I plow through my WIP I wonder how much sex I should include? How often should it happen, and should it be the main thrust of the book, or secondary to the story?

I’d like my book to be interesting as well as sexy, and I’d like my readers to care about the characters. I’d want it to be more than just one sexual encounter after the next… but that’s just me. Is that what other people want too?

I’ve read some stories (admittedly shorter works) where there is sex on page one that continues all the way to the end. Then there are others which build for the entire book and culminate in one massive coming together at the end. Both approaches were valid… but I think that if I want to earn my chops as an erotic romance author I need to dial up the sex a little.

In the end, as long as it makes sense for the characters and doesn’t end up feeling contrived, I think that is a good way to go.

What do you think?

Six Sentence Sunday #2

22 Jul

Last week I enjoyed the Six Sunday experience so much I just had to come back for more. I see many of the participants have been doing this for years and I can definitely see why. I hope to join them.

I enjoyed the challenge of picking out six sentences from my current WIP to share with you all, and it was great to wander around the blogosphere to see what the other participants shared. I had no idea there were so many of us out there.

This week’s snippet is also from “Kissed By A Rose.” Candice has now gotten the job, and she’s turned up on her first day only to find that her boss doesn’t seem to like her very much. This conversation happens soon after the two of them meet. Kendra, her boss, made Candice wait six hours before finally bothering to see her.

“So this was all some kind of test?” Candice said.
“The first of many.”
“Have I offended you in some way?”
“Look at you sitting there, young, naïve, and ignorant. Probably fresh off the bus from Hicksville with dreams of making it in the big city.”
“I grew up in Boston, and moved to New York for college three years ago; you know nothing about me.”

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