Six Sentence Sunday #5

12 Aug

Time to add a bit of heat to my sixes. Can’t call it erotic romance without some eroticism, so this six will hopefully give you a taste. It’s from my WIP “Kissed By A Rose”

    Her eyes were immediately drawn to the firm clench of a young man’s naked bum as it moved back and forth, between an older woman’s legs. Beside the fucking couple was another woman, also middle aged, who lay naked on the couch with her eyes closed. Between her thighs was another buff young man, working magic with his tongue.
    Candice stood frozen, unable to tear her eyes from the scene of glorious abandon before her. The first woman let out a deep moan as the thrusting man’s pace quickened. The throaty sound sent a thrill down Candice’s spine, starting a pleasant warmth between her legs that soon spread throughout her entire body.

I hope you liked this week’s sample, and please be sure to check out all the other amazing contributors by clicking on the banner below.


2 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday #5”

  1. Silver August 13, 2012 at 6:36 am #

    Oh, yeah. That put the erotic in the story! Nice six. 😉

  2. maddiecochere August 13, 2012 at 7:01 am #

    Well, things are sure heating up for Candice, aren’t they! 🙂 A little voyeurism never hurt anyone. Your sixes are always fun, Emily!

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